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There aren’t enough words to describe the artist known as Prince. The man has provided the world with countless music that transcends generations. With that comes his influence. There is no doubt that he has influenced generations of musicians with his unique one of a kind sound. If it were possible any and every artist would have that man make a contribution to their music one way or another. However, that’s not how Prince rolls. He’s an artist who he his own rules. He rarely ever works with other artist, and that’s the reason why we have artist who try to emulate his sound. Although we’re sure more will come; here are a few songs that you can’t help but to think of Prince when you hear them.


Beyonce- 1+1: Originally recorded and written by singer/songwriter The Dream. The song that was formally titled “Nothing But Love” found itself a new owner and home as the opening track on Beyonce’s fourth studio album “4.” It was suppose to be on The Dream’s 2009 album “Love vs. Money,” but didn’t make the final cut. The slow seductive song sounds as though Prince had his hands on it, but it was all due to The Dream and his partner Tricky Stewart. Beyonce later changed the songs title to “1+1.”


Brian McKnight- Love of My Life: As Brian introduced himself to the new millennium; he did it with a new sound that have everyone buzzing. Singing the song in his falsetto, it sounded like something straight out of Prince’s songbook. However, that wasn’t the case. “Love of My Life” was written and produced by Brian only, and became a celebrated love song in 2001.


Miguel- FLESH: If there is any other artist who has mirrored their career after Prince’s it has to be Miguel. Exuding everything that Prince is, he definitely channeled “the purple one” on his album “Wildheart.” “FLESH” contains all the elements that make a great Prince song. Guitars strumming, sexual lyrics, sung in a perfect falsetto while oozing through your speakers. The track is perfect for adult variety that takes place in the bedroom.


The Dream- Fast Car: It’s no secret that The Dream’s muse is Prince. His personal music style is extremely similar to Prince, but he mimic’s it so well you tend to forget. On his debut album “Love/Hate” his track “Fast Car” is basically his version of Prince’s “Little Red Corvette.” The same car analogy, but instead, he’s not looking for a good girl. He wants his girl candy coated red and fast. The album’s trailing song is “Nikki,” in which Prince also has a song of the same title, and tells a tale of a young lady as well.


D’Angelo- Untitled (How Does It Feel)– There’s no doubt that D’Angelo is a musician in his own right, with an original sound. However, Prince heavily influences his leading single for his sophomore album. The song’s groove, accompanied by overly sexual lyrics and his falsetto makes it the proper blend and music tribute to Prince. Not to mention that it’s album version is all of seven minutes long, Prince style. The song also has producing credit from Raphael Saadiq.


Ne-Yo- Sex with My Ex: The singer and songwriter has cited Prince as an influence and one person he wishes to work with. Although he hasn’t, he did tackle his music style for a track on his sophomore album “Because of You.” “Sex with My Ex” sounds like something from the Purple Rain era that Prince threw away. Bragging about his bedroom performance to an ex who had a relapse and found herself back in bed with him. He reminds her that although she has moved on, he’s her best lover.


Jazmine Sullivan- Don’t Make Me Wait: Now the song may contain a sample from Aretha Franklin’s song “Jump to It,” but there’s no denying that this was indeed her musical tribute to Prince. On the up-tempo bouncy track she sings about not wanting to waste anytime on dates and conversation as men do with other girls. She wants to get straight to the point. As the chorus goes “Don’t make me wait to long, just play my favorite song, I’ll get my Vanity 6 on.” Vanity 6 being the group Prince founded, who’s hit song was titled “Nasty Girl.”


Beyonce- Blow: With production from Pharrell Williams producing and Justin Timberlake writing the lyrics, Beyonce was guaranteed to get a song describing the tactics of oral sex. The mid-tempo track off her fifth album “Beyonce” is where Prince meets Janet Jackson, but Vanity 6 would have end up getting the song. And its video helped seal the Prince deal. 80’s hair, neon colors, latex dresses, electric guitars, and a smoke machine.


Honorable Mention:


Alicia Keys- Like You’ll Never See Me Again: Alicia might be one artist that Prince will give his approval stamp on. She has paid homage to him a time or another, and covered his “How Come You Don’t Call Me Anymore” on her debut album. So when she returned with her third album “As I Am,” Keys’ second single “Like You’ll Never See Me Again” heavily resembled Prince’s “Purple Rain.” Although the song was written and produced by both Keys and partner Kerry Brothers, it was known as a “distant cousin” to “Purple Rain.”


Beyonce- Rocket: Many argued that the song was very similar to D’Angelo’s “Untitled (How Does It Feel)” and it was according to Beyonce who later revealed so.  Singer Miguel conceived the songs concept, and also helped pen it with Justin Timberlake.  Timbaland lent his production talents to the project and “Rocket” was born.


BONUS: The Dream- Yamaha



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