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Jill Scott

Jill Scott

There’s one thing to like a song or really enjoy it, but it’s another thing when the song actually reflects your current situation. That’s the power of music! A song can take on a completely new meaning and feeling when you’re actually living out the lyrics. I guess that’s how the term when words fail, music speaks was born.


Break up to Make up that’s what we did…for five years.  Letting go was far from easy, but on that day.  It was September 5th 2016 to be exact. And I had just returned home from enjoying my weekend with friends as we had attended the Made in America music festival in Philadelphia. It’s strange, because nothing really transpired over my weekend to help me make my decision, but in that very moment. I knew I was done. I was over it all.  I found peace.  I was finally free.  As I stood alone in my living room with the look of “confusion” on my face.  I did what I normally do; I put on music.  Not sure who I wanted to listen to at all, so I just scrolled through my iTunes library. And before I knew it, I had settled on Jill Scott.  Not sure why, but I’m glad I did.  After a few songs I realized that one of the songs was similar to my situation. In that moment a connection was made between Jill and myself.  That’s when the light bulb came on. For me to truly celebrate and cement my new found freedom. To get it fully out of my system I needed to write about it, as Jill has done with her songs, along with other brilliant music artist.  Sadly, I don’t do music on that level, but I will share my story somehow, and I know it would be in a series of songs.  That’s what I told myself. LOL.  Then I told myself Jill would be the only artist I’m going to use.  That day I learned that there really is an art of letting go. So here’s my artistic way I was able to let go…with my muse Jilly from Philly.


Love Rain =the unexpected from a 1 night stand. ?

Whatever =your wish is my command????

Not Like Crazy = crazy head over heels in love???

Quick =the rapid demise ??

You Don’t Know =the other side of love??

Hear My Call =my earnest cry for help???

My Petition =you can’t see what your lies are doing to me, but I keep coming back anyway ????

Le BOOM Vent Suite =the turning point?

Cross My Mind =moment of weakness. ?

Slowly Surely =my declaration ✋??

When I Wake Up =picking up the pieces?

Jahraymecofasola =love can transform you❤️


Brian Anthony – @brianthony


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