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Top 50 R&B Albums of the 90’s

R&B has been around for years and has evolved into something greater than what most expected. With each and every decade we are introduced to a new wave and a redefined definition of the sound. From the 60’s to 80’s R&B, to today’s current R&B sound; they have all displayed something different and unique. However,...

Mother's Day

6 Songs to Celebrate Mother’s Day

One thing that everyone has in common is a mother, and everyone wants to brag about his or her mother in particular. What better way to do it than through song? We all have a favorite song that reminds us of our mother. Over the years we’ve been lucky to have artist share their kind...

Mariah Carey

Mariah Carey’s Chart-topping Collabo’s

Mariah has made many contributions to the music world throughout her music career. The singer is known for her signature “whistle” high note, but more importantly; Mariah is known for a good-ole collaboration. Mimi’s partnership with artist that included singers and rappers has provided her with more than a few chart-topping collaborations that have broken...