Understanding A Brand New Ye, Through His GQ Interview


There are and have been many things said about one Kanye West.   One thing in particular most can all agree on is he gives great interviews, whether you’re entertained, or just disgusted by the things that come out of his mouth. In his most recent interview with GQ Magazine, writer Zach Baron bought out the best in Kanye and truly captured some magical moments. The writer sat down with West just ten days after Ye said his I do’s for a candid eye-opening interview that most will find very surprising. In the article titled “A Brand New Ye” there were many things said, but more importantly, there was a lot learned from the new Ye.

This is Mr. West’s second time gracing the cover of the magazine. He did back in 2008 and this time around the full spread was shot with clothes all from his very own closet.



The first of many things that grabbed my attention is that Kanye is well aware that he’s no longer the most popular man in rap, by admitting that Drake currently has that spot after owning last summer. He’s thinking about taking it back, but then asks himself the real question, if he even wants it back?

He later displayed a vulnerable side of himself in the interview by saying his feelings doesn’t matter anymore. And when the interviewer reassured him he by saying

“Of course they do. You should be able to be a human with feelings, too.”

He replied by saying

“That’s fine. But that’s not the case, is it?

Self-pity is something that he doesn’t do well; because when the topic of fashion is bought up he was ready to take responsibility for moving product on the Barney’s floor. Kanye believes that he’s responsible for more than 50 percent of every men’s Balenciaga shoes that they sell, due to his level of influence. His confidence and arrogance doesn’t go unnoticed in this article at all.  Declaring that people know he’s smart (which he displays numerous times in the interview) and as he quoted “the concept of KimYe has more cultural significance than what Page Six could write.” That was just the beginning of him discussing Kim. Kanye touched on the fact that he and Kim’s wedding photo became the most liked photo on Instagram with 2.3 million likes was all because of Kim’s popularity.

“There’s no photo that I would have put up by myself, or next to one of my smarty friends, that would have got that amount of likes”

Referring to him marrying Kim as “never losing his dinosaur” which is a reference from the movie “Step Brothers.” He said this is the ultimate example of a person never losing your dinosaur.

Of course he gave his insight on his “Yeezus” album and his upcoming album by saying

“Its like a pendulum. The pendulum gains momentum by swinging in the other direction…you can’t win every single fight. It’s a long war.”


Nevertheless the interview conveyed a very happy and peaceful Kanye West. Although he made it known during the interview that he hasn’t said anything negative about anyone, or name-dropped. He does think he’s the next Steve Jobs and considers himself a blowfish. West will always be controversial due to the fact he’s a vocal person with an opinion. So when he rants or contradicts himself it showcases him as a normal person who is human. And though his dying love for fashion will always remain at the forefront, he considers himself uncool and not the normal cool. More importantly he’s just happy that he has someone to call “mom” again.


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