4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey

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4 Ways to Jumpstart Your Fitness Journey


There was a time when you couldn’t pay me to go to the gym, let alone workout, now all that has changed, and you can’t keep me out the gym. I love when I hear those golden words “do you workout?” I proudly and eagerly reply, “Yes, 4-5 times a week.” My journey hasn’t been as easy as I may make it look at times. It took some time to reach this point, but more importantly I knew I wanted change. Often I get the infamous questions “how did you start?” “Who do you go with?” and the infamous of them all “I need to take my butt to the gym.” Well if you want to go it’s that simple, get up and go! I’m going to give you four simple things that can help anyone jumpstart their journey to a better and more healthy lifestyle.


Mind over Matter: It all starts with your mind. It’s the same thing when a person decides they want to enter rehab. Once you make the decision in your mind that you want change, it happens. The gym is the rehab for the body. You need to be dedicated. Dedication is the important key to it all. Following that is commitment. Your have to make up in your mind that you’re willing to dedicate your all, plus be committed to the journey.


Professional Advice: One thing for sure is you always want to consult with an expert. Someone who can properly assist you in the right area, this way you get the results you want, and you don’t hurt or overexert yourself. Whatever your goal may be, whether you want to pick up weight or drop a few pounds. You need to know how to attack it the correct way. Nutrition and regiments go hand and hand with your exercise.


Time Management: I get tired of hearing people say, “I wish I had time to go to the gym.” NEWSFLASH! You do! There are twenty-four hours in a day. You have the same twenty-four like everyone else. If you want it bad enough you will make time. It’s about carving out the necessary time needed for your workout. Everyone has different methods and time spans to fit their schedule. Time management is part of discipline. Most of us live discipline lives, and that’s the same way you treat your workout. Your workout is a lifestyle that requires carved out time.


2012 vs 2015


Monitor results: This is the fun part. We live in a tech world where we can’t get through a workout without taking a picture. Well, the good thing about that is it’s a form of documentation. You have to document your progress one way or another. So the best way is via photos on your cellphone. Sure it’s all part of our own vanity, but it serves a greater purpose. As long as you can see progress being made, it’ll help you continue your journey with ease, because you see the finish line, which equals your goal. Continue to document it weekly, monthly, or whatever suits you best. So when Tuesday rolls around you’ll be ready to post for #TransformationTuesday on social media.




Partner: This doesn’t work for all, but it works for many. Having someone who can accompany you while working out is a good thing. A partner can do one or two things. They can push you to be and do better, or get in your way of doing and being better. You have to see what works best for your overall needs listed 1 & 3. Does said partner fit your schedule, and are they a positive reinforcement or a negative Nancy?

2015 vs 2016


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