Drake “Views” Album Review


Drake’s consistency is undeniable, and one consistent thing about Drake is he’s long-winded. He makes that point much more clearer with his fourth highly anticipated studio album “Views.” Not sure if he’s attempting to bring back the double disc era in this digital age with this 20 track album, but some of the potential songs get lost in the fluttery of music and come off as album fillers.


Its opening theatrical track “Keep The Family Close” revisits Drizzy’s trust issues. It sets the overall album’s tone, but drags on too long at the same time. On a good note “Views” offers more than a few great hits and relatable songs. He reflects on his past with “Weston Road Flows,” which is named after the road he lived on in Toronto. It contains a sample from Mary J. Blige’s “Mary’s Joint” and is guaranteed to be a fan favorite, along with “Feels No Ways,” where he raps about letting a carefree relationship go to advance in life. He later reminds you on other songs that sometimes being in love doesn’t work with life. There’s also the reggae-influenced track “Controlla,” that’s perfectly trailed by “One Dance.” His collaboration with PARTYNEXTDOOR is another standout, but it feels slightly incomplete. As his Future feature sounds life a leftover from their “WATTBA” album, and “Hype” sounds as if it could have fit right in there too. The bubbly Rihanna assisted song may have been more impactful had it come earlier in the album.


The bulk of “Views” is singing Drake. Not that “Views” doesn’t offer the fire-spitting Drake or the Drake that constantly compares himself to other celebrities. That’s the magic that makes him so relatable. Even though he has cocky moments, he’s still a fan of others. Him paring up with long-time producer friend Noah “40” Shebib is what added the level of cohesiveness to “Views.” His transparency is key to his craft, and is displayed on “Redemption,” where he’s uber honest as the track is closing, “Syn had a baby and treated me different/ Erica sued me and opened a business.” And on “Faithful,” he promises to remain patient to his feelings until she finishes the pursuit of her independence.  In an interview Drake described the album by saying it’s “based around the change of the seasons in our city [Toronto, Canada.] Winter to summer, and then back to winter again.” Drake allowed us to see a glimpse of his past few years, we see when life takes you on a journey you’re forced to readjust your Views, because you soon realize things aren’t always how they’re seen.

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