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Jill Scott

Jill Scott

Jilly from Philly presents to us her new body of work since her 2011 LP “The Light Of The Sun.” In true Jill fashion she offers a ray of sounds on her new album “Woman.”

Scott opens the album with the spoken word piece “Wild Cookie,” telling the truth that the cookie has a mind of its own sometimes, but it subsequently has repercussions. It easily prepares you for the journey the LP is about to take you on, as it slips into the first song “Prepared.” She personally professes that she’s taking all the necessary steps to prepare herself for the next lover who dares to enter her life. Reconnecting with God, as she works on her mind, body, and soul.

“I’ve been getting myself together for what’s coming to me, I just wanna be prepared”

You have the up-tempo track “Closure” where she’s ending a chapter in her life by having sex for the final time with her sex buddy who’s controlling her psyche. The closing of the track adds comic relief to the songs existence. You also hear a woman’s testimony of devotion to her man who steps out on her, and maybe even dabble with same sex activities from time to time on “Lighthouse.” She rides deep for him, but continues to contemplate her position.

“His heart knows no boundaries, but he needs sometimes to write with a different pen on different paper”

The genius of “Lighthouse” is how it transitions into the LP’s second single “Fools Gold” follows, right before the albums first interlude “Willing.”

Other standout tracks are “Crusin,” “Can’t Wait,” and the heartstring-tugging track “You Don’t Know.” She also introduces us to a new word “Jahraymecofasola.” The songs meaning is complicated in its simplicity. Breaking down syllable-by-syllable it translates into: God is king to me such an extent that I exalt. Frankly put, a new way to say “I Love You.”

Woman” is funk, big band, bluesy, and a sound of it’s own. Scott’s ability to seamlessly tap into different sounds without switching genres is brilliant. It may appear like she’s all over the place, but it’s her unique storytelling method. The albums interludes are properly placed to help the story come full circle. The LP sounds like two friends catching up on everything that’s happened in ones life after not speaking four years prior (her last album.) The album is the journal of someone who has just exited a bad relationship and chronicle the process of picking up the pieces and putting themselves “Back Together,” allowing the new to take shape as she became that Woman she desired to be.


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