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Lady Sings the Blues

Lady Sings the Blues

When it comes to women they will go above and beyond to express their love for a man. Often times they will even play the fool for a man. Over the years some women have been more honest and transparent about their men and their occupations. One occupation in particular is the men who are married to the streets. However, the best thing about a man married to the streets is the woman who understands it, is okay with it, and stands by them through it all. Here are a few songs where women have shared their stories of loving a drug dealing man.

  1. Erykah Badu- Otherside of the Game: On Badu’s debut album the singer was able to relate to many women with her tale of loving a man married to the drug game. On the groovy track she expresses being torn with the security of his chosen profession, but fear what the future may bring. She makes it known she understands his position and need to hustle, but she’d rather he use his education instead. Still under the pressure of it all she reassures him she has his back by saying “don’t worry boy I know there’s confusion, God is gonna see us through.”


  1. Monica- Street Symphony: Teen singer Monica slowly moved away from her good girl image in 1999 with her song “Street Symphony.” The song’s background backed by the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra may make it hard for one to understand what she’s really talking about. On the tune she’s singing about her drug-dealing boyfriend who reneged on his promise to quit the drug game once he hustled up ample money. The song served as Monica’s fourth single off her sophomore album “The Boy is Mine.” The video received limited airplay on networks and became her first song to not chart in the top ten.


  1. Faith Evans – I Don’t Need It- If it’s one thing a man who hustles will promise his woman, it’s the world. Faith expresses how she enjoys all the gifts received from his illegal work, but she’ll trade it all in just to have him by herself. “You say you want me to have the world and I believe it, but if that means that you’re not here with me then I don’t need it.” The song samples “Nights Over Egypt” performed by The Jones Girls and is featured on Faith’s fourth LP “The First lady.”


  1. Nonchalant – 5 O’clock: In 1996 we received a tune from female rapper Nonchalant titled “5 O’clock” that talked about young black men getting caught up in the drug game. The song was actually written about the rappers brother who fell victim to the corner. The single went gold and performed well on the charts. However, not enough to take the rapper to another plateau.   It ended up becoming a one-hit wonder for the D.C. native. Although the song still resonates today, it will remain timeless.


  1. MC Lyte – I Cram to Understand You (Sam): In the mid 80’s when crack was on the rise. We were introduced to a female MC from Brooklyn by the name MC Lyte. Before she’d become a hip-hop legend, Lyte spoke about a drugs and alcohol in her music I.E. “Poor Georgie,” and “Cappuccino,” which she used the drink as a metaphor for drugs. One song in particular was her early tune “I Cram to Understand” where she talks about a relationship in which she finds out her boyfriend is cheating with a lady named “C.” The short five-verse song tells the story of him selling drugs. As for the lady he was cheating on her with? Well, her name was crack!


  1. Erykah Badu – Danger: Second time around can be just as good as the first. On Erykah’s third LP “Worldwide Underground” she relived a similar situation as told on “Otherside of the Game.” Badu still speaks of her hustling man, but this time he’s behind bars calling collect from jail. In true Badu fashion she reassures him that everything will be just fine by saying, “I got the block on lock, the trunk stay locked, glock on cock, the block stay hot.” The genius of the song is she samples the line “the brothers got this complex occupation” that loops at the start of the song.


BONUS: Faith Evans- Do Your Time & Monica- U Should’ve Known Better: On both songs neither women go into details on exactly what caused their men to end up behind bars. However, one can only assume by the men picked in both their past that he was working the block. Faith professes that she’s going to stand by his side and do his bid with him. While Monica’s man is more surprised by her faithfulness and commitment to the situation due to the severity of it.


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