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R. Kelly

R. Kelly

Five years after R. Kelly’s indictment on child-pornography charges, there have been plenty of allegations, denials, hearings, motions, and countermotions, but no sign of justice. As Kelly’s wife and brother turn against him, and as his fifth year without a trial comes to a close, R. Kelly keeps dropping hits, collecting awards, touring the world, and stepping in the name of love like it’s all good.”- Vibe Magazine cover story, May 2007


And here we are, ten years later, and still no sign of justice. It seems the blind eye towards the R&B legend continues to turn. For over two decades Robert Sylvester Kelly, 50, has managed to make his inner demons disappear with each hit song he’s penned or sang, but will he be able to escape his Bill Cosby moment this time around?


In a recent article published by Buzzfeed [7-17-17] titled: “Inside the Pied Piper of R&B’s “Cult the expose’ alleges that R. Kelly is holding women against their will in a “cult.”  The parents of two women are alleging that R. Kelly has their daughters held prisoner, but both ladies say that they’re living with Kelly and they’re fine.  One even told Georgia’s Cook County police, back in January she was “fine and did not want to be bothered.”  However, three former members of Kelly’s inner circle, Kitti Jones, Cheryl Mack, and Asante McGee.  Jones and McGee, who both had a sexual relationship with Kelly over the past five years before leaving, provided inside details to support the parent’s claims.  They claim there are at least six women living in two of Kelly’s rented homes in Illinois and Georgia. They also claim that Kelly dictates every aspect of their lives. From what they eat, how they dress, when they bathe, when they sleep, and how they engage in sexual encounters, in which he films. Mack claims Robert is “a puppet master.”  Although the girl’s parents are calling it a “cult,” all the women there are of age [19-31] and claim they want to be there. The consent of age in Georgia is 16 and 17 in Illinois.


In the expose’ both sets of parents said they agreed to their daughter’s having a relationship with Kelly, because they thought it would be one of a musical mentorship, not sexual.  Well, what were they expecting from a man who has been alleged, charged, had a few out-of-court settlements, and acquitted on numerous child-pornography allegations over the years?  One mother claims she’s always been a fan of Kelly’s. She even said she escorted her daughter to Kelly’s show and backstage to meet him in hopes he’ll be able to make her a star.  She admitted to being aware of his sexual misconduct accusations, but wasn’t overly worried.  The other mother said, although there have been allegations made against Kelly; he has never been convicted on any of them. One can pose the argument that both parents signed their child up for this, and is now speaking out because they’re not reaping the financial benefits.  Were they looking for a payday all along? Why would any parent blatantly ignore Kelly’s history and allow their daughters to have any type of relationship with R. Kelly?

R. Kelly VIBE

Back in May 2007 when Vibe Magazine published the cover story: Unfinished Business exposing the ins and outs of Kelly’s troubled history and how its gone unaddressed for so long, we the John Q. public ignored it.  Why, maybe because R. Kelly was busy hypnotizing us to step in the name of love?  Or perhaps the majority is perfectly able to separate the music from the man, and have a guilty free conscience. More so, why does a portion of the black community continue to excuse Kelly’s pedophilia behavior? Perhaps calling out Kelly causes us to call out some of our own family members who exhibit the same behavior. As the black community continues to sweep Kelly’s pedophiliac behavior under the rug, the one that gets hurt most is the black woman. Kelly’s behavior has positioned the black woman’s value as less than. No need to argue that had the alleged victims been Caucasian women, we would have been seen justice. Lack of value and respect for black women is not the full argument, but it’s the subject at hand. Surprisingly, twenty plus years later with eye opening evidence, black women are still Kelly’s biggest supporters. Despite the black women being ignored and abused by his actions, they’re still the ones filling the rafters at his sold out shows. Even more, black women are mostly blamed for being preyed upon. Primarily due to blacks history of constantly forgiving black men who abuse black women.


In 2001 hardcore evidence emerged when a sex tape starring R. Kelly and a minor anonymously found itself at the Chicago Sun-Times. Kelly was later arrested following investigations depicting him in several of sexual acts with a 14-year-old female.  After an out of court cash settlement, the girl signed nondisclosure agreements. Silence from Kelly followed after, but not for long.


In 2003, during the midst of his child pornography allegations; R. Kelly rose up like a phoenix, delivering “Chocolate Factory” (debuts at No.1) and had us all stepping in the name of delusion.  Again, ignoring Kelly’s history the “Chocolate Factory” album gave birth to the Pied Piper.  Flabbergasted; mouths dropped in dismay, and a ball of confusion.  Strangely the man who is circled and centered at pending child-pornography charges is calling himself the Pied Piper of R&B?!  Robert even committed to wearing a mask during the era. In a 2016 interview with GQ magazine Kelly gave an explanation to why he started calling himself the Pied Piper. He claims he had no clue of the fable.   “I started calling myself the Pied Piper when I started using the flute sound in my music.” I.E. “Fiesta” and “Snake.” “I started calling myself the Pied Piper because of the flute.”


The tale of the Pied Piper of Hamelin tells how the man [Pied Piper] would lure children away from their homes using his music/flute to do so.

Pied Piper

Interviewer: But, I say, did you understand why people thought that was strange?

Kelly: Absolutely not. I was just thinking about the flute.


The entertainment industry is notorious for this kind of behavior. Not so much as pedophilic behavior, but history does show a plethora of men who use their fame to gain trust of young girls.  So much, that it’s become modern day practice, and expected that once a man reaches a particular age, he’s going to date a woman half his age.  It’s another form of the gender double standard. When an older guy dates a younger girl he’s often praised for his ability to snag a younger lady. However, when a younger girl dates and older man, she’s referred to as a gold digger.  Although a vast majority of black women are upset with R. Kelly. There are a slew of young black girls who aspire to date an older man for financial gain.  A fraction of young black girls prey on the older white man as a Sugar Daddy figure.

Kelly isn’t alone in this at all.  In 2015 during an interview with Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club, rapper Kanye West said failed rapper Tyga “was smart” and “I think he got in there early.”  Regarding speculation that Tyga was dating his sister-in-law, then a 17-year-old Kylie Jenner.  Russell Simmons admitted to fallen in love with Kimora Simmons at age 14 after seeing her on a runway.  He later dated her at age 17, and he was 35.  Even though the friendship between Jay-Z and R. Kelly is no more.  Its been rumored that Jay-Z took female rapper Foxy Brown’s virginity at age 15 and infected her with an STD.  We also know he and wife Beyoncé are twelve years apart in age and he began pursuing and courting her at age 18.  He was 30.  Part of the reason why these relationships are often overlooked or dispelled is because they know by dating black girls won’t subject them to any real repercussions.  Case in point: R. Kelly’s friend and superstar Michael Jackson, who’s also been accused of sexual abuse and child molestation accusations. His “victim” was a 13-year-old Caucasian boy.  Michael didn’t succumb to any jail time, but he was defamed, publicly criticized, and paid out his fair share of settlements.  In a nutshell, justice was served when it came to the Caucasian boy.

R. Kelly Jay-Z

Here we are in 2017 and R. Kelly is now being accused of holding women hostage in his homes in what people are calling a “cult.”  All the women there say they are there willingly and they’re all of age.  So why is this man being bothered, and why are people meddling in his business?  Because at this point it sounds like Kelly is merely running a haram.  Many cultures and religions practice the haram lifestyle. Who’s to say that’s not what’s going on?  Doesn’t this man have the right to a private and personal life?  Or is this an attack on the successful black man?  For years the history of media has been notorious for defaming and ruining many black figures, heroes, and celebrities. For all we know this could be some propaganda plot in effort to finally destroy R. Kelly’s reputation once and for all.  I don’t see anyone knocking down Hugh Hefner’s door making any accusations.  For decades Hugh has been housing women in his Playboy mansion referring to it as “developing talent.”  Isn’t that what R. Kelly is doing?  Isn’t he developing talent? Once again we see the double standard. Director Roman Polanski was arrested and charged with raping a 13-year-old girl, but he receives a lifetime achievement award.  Actor Woody Allen continues to work in Hollywood, despite the sexual abuse accusations to his stepdaughter. Regardless if we’re debating race verses justice being part of the issue or not, at this point these men are given slaps on the wrist and sent back out to work like nothing ever happened; including R. Kelly.


It’s up to oneself to decided if this is an attack on the black man, or is enough, enough?  Kelly’s alleged “victim” Jocelyn Savage spoke out in wake of the BuzzFeed article being released.  Stating “I’m not hostage” and she’s “totally fine.”  But it’s Kelly’s repeated behavior over the last twenty-five years, that’s gone uncharged that has people uneasy.  This time around he’s gotten it right with age appropriate women. However, this isn’t new news.  His lack of repercussions has allowed him to continue on abusing black women.  The black community has forgiven it and ignored it for far too long.  It’s even spilled over into current generations. For many young black girls they view Chris Brown as their baby-daddy figure, and R. Kelly is their uncle figure. The abuse to black women is constantly being repeated in the black community across the world.  It’s the forgiveness of athletes who abuse their spouses and girlfriends.  It’s the black women who forgive their boyfriend after he beats and cheats on them.  It all plays its own part and lacks responsibility and accountability.

R. Kelly, Aaliyah

There’s always a heavy dose of truth in one’s art, and from the beginning R. Kelly has displayed this sexual behavior in his music.  His definition of age aint nothing but a number came to life when we later learned he secretly married his protégé Aaliayh at the time. After lying on court documents claiming she was 18 when she really was 15.  Her marriage to 27 year-old Kelly was later annulled.  Even that situation was covered up and swept to the side as Aaliyah’s uncle (Kelly’s manager) Barry Hankerson continued to work with Kelly.  The forgiven incident was the beginning of R. Kelly’s pedophilic R&B rape reign.  He knew long as he continued to produce good music the public would overlook his issues, turn the blind eye, and sweep everything under the rug.  For over two decades the Pied Piper of R&B has been on the loose of sexual abuse.  Singing women out of their panties, while stepping in the name of what he loves; young girls.  The sexual secret R. Kelly thought would stay trapped in the closet forever has finally been freed.



Kelly’s troubled timeline:


August 31st, 1994: R. Kelly marries 15-yearl old Aaliyah; the marriage certificate erroneously states her age as 18. The marriage is soon annulled.


1996: Kelly marries 22-year-old Andrea Lee, a dancer who appeared in his “You Remind Me of Something” video.


December 1996: Kelly is sued by the first of four women who claim he lured them into sexual relationships. Tiffany Hawkins claims she began having sex with him in 1991 at age 15. Kelly settles out of court in 1998.


February 2001: The first of two sex tapes is anonymously sent to the Chicago Sun-Times. The man, who resembles Kelly is engaged in sexual acts with a female who appears to be underage.


April 2001: Tracy Sampson, an aspiring rapper files a lawsuit against Kelly claiming she began having sex with him when she was 17, again, Kelly settled out of court.


February 8th, 2002: The Sun-Times receives a second sex tape. Kelly was later arrested after investigations claim it depict him engaging in various sexual acts with a 14-year-old girl.


April 2002: During an appearance on a L.A. radio show R. Kelly’s former protégé Sparkle, claimed the girl in Kelly’s second sex tape is her niece.


2002: Montina Woods a former who toured with Kelly and Ron Isley filled a lawsuit. She claims Kelly unknowingly recorded her during sex. He settled the suit for an undisclosed sum.


June 5th 2002: Kelly is arrested in Davenport FL. And indicted on 21 counts of child-pornography, based on the second sex tape.


January 22, 2003: Kelly is arrested again on 12 counts of child pornography in Miami. During a search of his Florida home back in June police found 12 nude digital photos of what they claimed was an underage female. The charges were later dropped.


November 2004: Former activist Derrick Mosley claims to have a sex tape starring Kelly and featuring gospel singer DeLeon Richards, wife of basketball player Gary Sheffield. Mosley is later convicted of trying to extort money in-exchange for destroying the sex tape.


September 2005: R. Kelly’s wife, Andrea Kelly appears in a Chicago court and accuses her husband of hitting her. She obtains an order of protection against him, which she later drops.


2006: Kelly’s brother Carey Kelly tells a DVD magazine that Kelly offered him $50,000, a house and a record deal to take the child-pornography charges for him.




SOURCE: Vibe Magazine



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