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Lil Kim Wants No Parts of the Remy Ma & Nicki Minaj Beef

As we STILL sit and wait for the arrival of Nicki Minaj’s response to Remy Ma “shETHER,” Lil Kim is setting the record. Lil Kim and Remy Ma both performed at a concert over the weekend. During Kim’s set, she mentioned joining forces with Remy. While that ignited rumors that the pair [Remy and Kim]...

Lil Kim, Remy Ma

Lil Kim Wants Remy Ma for ‘Ladies Night’ Remake

This June marks twenty years since Lil Kim‘s “Ladies Night” dropped, and Kim has plans on reprising it. Over the weekend, and between the rap beef between Remy Ma and Nicki M.  Lil Kim and Remy both performed at the “Hip-Hop & Soul” concert in Reading, Pa.  During Kim’s set she spoke about joining forces...