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Houston Beauty

Every so often a show surfaces on television and many are unaware of its existence. In that case we have reality TV’s best kept secret known as “Houston Beauty.” “Houston Beauty” is an OWN Network original reality show that’s based in Houston Texas. The show documents the lives of students and instructors of the historic Franklin Beauty School of Houston Texas. The school is an African American family owned business that has been educating cosmetology students for over ninety plus years.

Now like most reality shows, everything isn’t for everybody. However, when you hear that its part of the OWN Network and that Oprah has her hands on it, it makes you reconsider automatically and give it a try. Well, the reason why you may have never heard of the show is because of its poor promotion and time slot. The show airs Saturday night at 10pm and like most, you’re either spending your Saturday night out on the town or exhausted from the hectic Saturday you endured. It also seems as though the show never re-airs throughout the week. However, despite that, the show is still soaring in the ratings department.

The show is the first Houston based reality show that offers a colorful cast. Within the amazing cast you have two breakout stars that are students. Mia Ryan is a transgender senior who has been completely transparent on the show. Exposing everything from being alienated by her family because he is a transgender, to wanting so bad to retire from being an escort. And every show has their resident diva and this show isn’t any different. There’s the fabulous Queensley that has ruffled just about everyone’s feathers from the moment she walked through the school doors with her over the top persona and strong presence. With her and Mia being somewhat shunned by the other students, the two have formed a unique and bubbling friendship.

With OWN being still fairly new, one is able to bypass or overlook the channel easy. However, I wonder was this show an experiment? The network is known for having “holier than thou” programming that’s somewhat a bore, and here’s this show that full of drama and other things of the nature to which OWN isn’t. Which might be the reason why the show isn’t properly promoted. After reaching out to the cast, some felt very slighted and unsupported. Lady O hasn’t reached out to any of the cast members nor has she ever once tweeted about the show like she does for other shows on her network. No marathon has yet been given and minimum re-runs have run. All too odd for what has come to be one of the highest rated shows on the troubled network. There isn’t much worth watching on the network that’s geared to all besides “Iyanla Vanzant’s: Fix My Life” and that at sometimes a hit or miss. OWN finally has a great show that bridges the gap between generations and connects to many on different levels, yet no support is given.  The show displays real life issues that many are dealing with and can relate to at the same time. At the end of every drama fueled situation it’s always bought back to the center of love, faith, God, and friendship. The shared stories on every episode are extremely interesting and beautiful in their own way. Although these students are in school learning the trade of beauty, they have been candid enough to show the world their inner beauty.


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