The Game Speaks on Allegations to Fathering a Child with a 15-Year-Old Girl

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The Game

The Game

I’m sure The Game woke up this morning with his Twitter mentions in complete shambles.

Social media was in a frenzy this morning as rumors swarmed the internet after a gossip site Fameolousdaily published a story alleging rapper The Game, 37, had fathered a child with a 15-year-old in the UK.  For months the rumor had been making its way around the mill, but up until now there hasn’t been any receipts.  Said receipts are screenshots messages between the two regarding the forthcoming child, and how he would offer financial support.  As of now, the site that originally ran the story has deleted their evidence.

Apparently, the girl is claiming The Game, who’s real name is Jayceon Taylor had gotten her pregnant, but didn’t know she was only 15.  Another site reported the same story claiming The Game was informed of her age, but didn’t believe it due to the alleged fake ID.  In her story she said they met in a strip club that required ID showing at-least the age of 18.  She also admitted to using a fake ID for entry.

In an exclusive statement to Complex Thursday, The Game refuted the allegations as a “lie made up by a child” whom he’s never met.  The Game also slammed non-gossip news outlets for covering the story:

This story is a lie made up by a child whom I’ve never met nor talked to in my life. I wish big media outlets would stop giving inaccurate news & liars a platform to tarnish their brand & make them look like the Enquirer.”

After announcing a 60-day Instagram hiatus back in August, The Game briefly returned to social media this week to congratulate Gucci Mane and Keyshia Ka’oir Davis on their wedding. “Haven’t posted anything in months,” he wrote Wednesday. “But this is beautiful in every essence of the word and deserves attention.” People are insinuating that the reason for the hiatus was to deflect the media’s attention off these allegations.

In addition to his statement with Complex.  The Game also returned to Instagram once more to address the allegations.

Not here to entertain lies or felonious stories. Laughing at how lame some people are. Stalking others lives, fabricating stories to look like fools in the end. & here I sit……. Focused on my soul, my craft & my children. #TheInternetIsTheDevil #WeGottaDoBetter #TheTruthShallSetYouFree#SeeYallInAnother60Days ? @drepic


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