Tips to Perfecting the Tucked In T-Shirt

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Tips to Perfecting the Tucked In T-Shirt

Tucked tshirt

Gone are the days when your mother would force you to tuck in your t-shirt, in hopes it prevented you from looking sloppy.  Those days are long and gone, just like the 80’s and 90’s. But the trends from those eras have returned with a vengeance; for instance, dad hats.  Whether you want to fell nostalgic, or get with trend, tucking your tee is cool again.

We all know that what was once old will become new again, especially in fashion.  The key is elevating the retro look upon its return. So in order for you to prevent yourself from looking like someone’s dad or pop-pop.  I’m going to give you a few tips on how to rock the tucked in tee.


Should I Tuck?  Hell Yeah! I know the average male will shy away form the trend to avoid looking like a nerd.  However, the dorkish look will always be a winner one way or another.  This time around you’re a dork with a mustache and muscles.  Those added essentials are a man’s best upgrade, that gives you an entire new look.  Tucking in your tee instantly gives your outfit a more effortless polished look.  So Regardless if you’re rocking the fake dork frames or not, tucking your tee is where its currently at.


When to Tuck? Although many will deem it as a summer look, doesn’t mean its license or law to remain as such.  And with the summer coming to a close, you still have time to try out the trend as the days and nights warp back and forth from hot to cold.  Tee tucking into slacks or perfect fitting trousers is an easy way to dress up without getting dressed up.  You’ll also avoid the embarrassing armpit sweat marks on your dress shirt during the hot temperatures.  And if it’s summer wedding season, then it’s the perfect way to wear a suit and feel comfortable.

Tucking in your T-shirt is something that keeps coming in and out of style,” says fashion stylist Allison St. Germain. “But I’ve been seeing it a bit more these days. It’s just a great way to dress up a look.”

When the suns out the guns come out as well.  Tucking tanks is a bonafide way to obtain plenty of looks and compliments.  If you want to really define the tucked look with a sprinkle of street style, then tuck that tank-top right into those jeans.

Tucked tshirt

What to Tuck? I want to say tuck it all, but I know many will take that as permission to go on a tucking tour with every item in your closet. But it’s fashion so have fun.  Tuck that t-shirt!  Tuck that button down!  Tuck that flannel!  Tuck that tank!  Tuck that crew if you want!  Just proceed with caution.  The mid-tuck works well with sweatshirts and crews.  You know how it goes, tucked in front and have the rest hang loose in the back.  It’s a relaxed look that comfortable and compliments the baggier look.  Most embark on that 90’s mid-tuck in effort to show off a flashy belt that’s usually ugly anyway. But if you desire the mid-tuck to show off your designer belt, then by all means tuck away.


What size to Tuck?  Now, I’ll be remiss if I didn’t mention that tee tucking works in favor for the physical fit gentlemen.  One of it’s tricks is, it accentuates the waistline and makes the shoulders appear more broader and their arms much bigger.  If you have a beer belly or your stomach isn’t too flat, than you may want to approach this look with caution.  Needless to say, tucking your t-shirt is all about the right fit.  You have to pick your bottoms verses your tops and size it right.  That’s the only way you’ll get a good fit.  It’s the baggy tee verses the fitted tee, verses the long tee.  It’s all about the t-shirt you choose. The fabric you pick along with the length you pick.  It’s important you stay away from anything too short.  Short shirts won’t corporate and won’t stay tucked in.


Just as much as this style isn’t just a summer look, this style isn’t just reserved for dress pants either.  Give it a try with denim jeans and sweatpants too. Tucking your shirt into your sweats is a relaxed look, but it’s comfortable too. It’s all about what you pair your sweatpants with, top and footwear wise.  As far as tucking into denim jeans, this isn’t going to give you the Steve Urkel look.  It’s going to give you a more mature and GQ look.   Think less Steve Urkel and more Stefan Ur’quelle.   Remember, the tucked in t-shirt is a casual look that says, “I’m stylish” or “I didn’t want to dress up, but I wanted to look presentable.”  It’s no longer your dad’s look.  It’s not longer the geek look.  It’s no longer your mother preventing you from looking sloppy.  Those days are long gone.  It’s about you tapping into the tucking fashion phenomenon.  Tuck for the trend and tuck away.



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