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My boyfriend is the entire package. I couldn’t ask for a better guy. BUT he refuses to shop for himself and update his wardrobe if you know what I mean. It’s superficial, but I love clothes and I want to update him without changing him. How do I do that?


Ask B. response: My darling, you’ve come to the right place. The only thing more attractive than a well-dressed man is a well-dressed man…with a job. There’s nothing wrong or strange with wanting you man to look good and fashionable. Most men hate shopping, and the majority aren’t worried about what they wear. Most men don’t even have the time to go shopping. Which is why most are comfortable with their woman picking out their clothes. They’re even pleased to have you do such. It takes the pressure off them to look up to par, or your standard.


He probably doesn’t understand the need or importance of updating his wardrobe at all. So it’s your job to educate him on it. And it’s not that hard to do either. First learn his measurements and make sure he knows his measurements. He needs to learn his jean size verse slack size. His blazer/dinner jacket size is also important. Gone are the days of men wearing oversized clothing. If he’s doing that, tell him it’s time to grow up. Get clothes that FIT! Sweat socks verses everyday socks is an extra nugget, but can be very beneficial depending on the field of work. Hopefully as a man who’s grown, he understands GOOD underwear verses every day; scratch my behind, go play ball underwear. Not even good as in price either, just those decent looking “lucky” or “im gong out hope to snag something” underwear.  Also, a good thing to do as a gift to him and yourself would be a year subscription to GQ magazine. They have great fashion-forward, in style affordable tips and great articles for men in general.


I doubt his ego would get bruised in any way. The good thing is, you refer to him as “the entire package” so this one little area shouldn’t bother you, but it’s nothing that can’t be worked through. You’re not being superficial for having a love for clothes. It simple reflects your appearance, and says you care about your appearance. Why do you think they tell us to dress up for job interviews? It’s a good first impression and reflects who we are. Remember, we all have our vices. Just express to him your vice for fashion and get to know one of his vices.  However, if he wasn’t a fashionova when you two met him and started dating, don’t expect him to be one now.  Just expect him to clean up his look a little bit.  Think of this as an update more, and less than a change of who he is. He may like the “new him,” or he may not, but once others take notice to the “new him,” he’ll enjoy the attention. More importantly, men love to brag, especially about their women, so give him a reason to say “My boo picked this out for me” when he gets his compliments on his newly style.


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