Erykah Badu Takes on the “For the D**k” Challenge

Erykah Badu

Erykah Badu just gave us another reason to love her even more.  In this social media world where there’s a new challenge everyday.  Badu jumped on the latest trending challenge; the “ForTheD**kChallenge.”

In the video posted to her Instagram page Erykah grabbed the mic and free-styled over a hip hop beat about the great lengths she’ll go for the endowment of her man.   Admitting that she’ll “eat meat for the d**k,” and she’ll give up her “‘Widow Seat‘ for the d**k,” along with a litany of other things was just the start.  Badu enlisted comedian Michael Blackson for more comic relief.  Blackson placed a spin on the challenge with his “#ForTheP***y” verse.

First celebs on #forthepussychallenge #forthedickchallenge Badu vs Micheal Blackson @michaelblackson @yasmin_amira_ @coldcris #erykahbadu #michealblackson (((Lyrics))) BADU : I aint doin shit for da dick• Licky Lik for da dick•. Give up my window seat for da dick• fuck it I'll eat meat for da dick• fight hurricane Maria for da dick• ride a missile from Korea for da dick• let him call me a ho FTD• baby daddy number 4 FTD• Buck a bitch in the head FTD• Fuck WOKE. I'm ? FTD• Suck it down to da bone FTD• let him use MY phone FTD• Motorola FTD• fuck Micheal Blackson -EBOLA FTD• caught on tape … MIKE: …not smart for da pussy • cheat on my wife-Kevin Hart for da pussy •I'll eat Pork FTP•I'll skip court FTP• I'll bleach my skin FTP• fuck a Siamese twins FTP• pledge allegiance to the flag ??FTP• fuck a bitch on the rag FTP…

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The explicit, yet hilarious freestyle challenge grew legs on Instagram after actress Tiffany Haddish posted the video of two women knocking out the beat on the dashboard of their car, while one women spit her bars of all the things she’s willing to do “for the d**k.”

Fly for that dick ??????????????? @woewoe_ @vickycobb when u got some good dick bitch u do everything for that dick ??????

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