Jay-Z’s ‘4:44’ Album Inspires Guide to Mastering the Game of Money

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Jeremiah Brown

Jeremiah Brown


Jay-Z really shook a lot of people’s world causing them to wake up, and pay attention to their financial future with his latest album 4:44.  Finance expert and entrepreneur Jeremiah Brown was another inspired to illustrate a guide to mastering the “game of money.”


Brown’s book Financial Freedom My Only Hope differs from previous books that were inspired by the 4:44 album.  Brown displays a more depth look into what financial freedom is all about.  He gives tips and tools for living a financially secured life.  His teachings to obtain financial freedom expand far beyond real estate ventures.  Aside from stock advice, Brown begins with the basics.  The history of money and ways to legally “print” your own money.  He provides intricate details regarding money and finance.  Not only does the book teach you how to leverage your credit and lack of cash to obtain your wanted “shiny things,” but how to use debt as leverage to get rich.  Financial Freedom also maps out ways to protect your assets by using corporations, plus it breaks down asset protection and tax and income protection.  Have you ever wondered how bankruptcy really works?  No need to wonder anymore.  He explains how the rich make it work in their favor, and how they use it as a legal tool.  Concluding, he also divulges the ins and outs of chapter 7 and 13 bankruptcies, and how it applies to personal and business.


Financial Freedom is not just a finance book.  It’s an inspiring book.  It touches on education and how it doesn’t always equate to success.  The guide speaks on failure and how it’s God’s way of putting you right back on track to receive your blessing.  We are to remember there’s always a blessing attached to our failures.  And how trying to keep up with the Kardashian’s will really set you back and make you a financial target.  He mentions how we should ask ourselves: Is my appetite to spend money to flaunt driven by the media or public perception, or is it really due to low self-esteem?  Moreover, the reading requires you to think more in depth about your financial future, while offering tangible business advice.

Brown equips us with the statistics of failing businesses (which I already knew.)  Ninety-nine percent of all businesses fail within the first year of conception, not because they have bad product or service or because of the entrepreneur’s incompetence, but only because the business runs out of money.  No need to fret though.  He provides all the needed information for the ultimate business man and entrepreneur, which he believes everyone should be if they desire to generate generational wealth.  Brown leaves no man (or woman) behind either.  There’s pointers on how the blue-collar job can grant you financial freedom.  Obtaining generation wealth isn’t for the rich alone.  You just have to be wise, because more than eighty percent of second-generation heirs who inherit money lose it.  It’s not only the money that makes you wealthy; it’s knowledge.


Financial Freedom My Only Hope is merely the title borrowed from a Jay-Z line.  This guide is so much more.  You’ll witness that once you read the “Silver Rights” chapter.  It’s full of culture and history lessons.  Jeremiah Brown constantly stresses the importance of entrepreneurial, and how it relates to generation wealth, by saying: Entrepreneurs, our true capitalists, are the pillars of civilization, and we need more of these kinds of capitalists in our communities.  He also issues great savvy business tips for all, in addition to entrepreneurs.  You’ll know his definition of wealth [the number of days you can survive without working] by the end of this book all before he deciphers the difference between frugal and financial freedom; which leads to why financial freedom is ones only hope.


Purchase Financial Freedom My Only Hope here.



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