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The Downfalls of Having a Birthday in May

Oh the joy of when the month of May rolls around. It’s as though the days finally begin to count, the weather finally breaks from cold and rainy to beautiful sunshine. The flowers fully bloom, restaurant patios are officially open, and life seems to be at ease. Yes, May symbolizes that spring has really arrived,...

Being Mary Jane

The Reign of Being Mary Jane

    Television has taken a turn in the past few years with reality TV. Reality TV somehow seems to rule the television world. Viewers have traded in scripted shows for “unscripted,” and regular television series have fallen aside. However, in the last year or so scripted television has returned with a vengeance. One in...

Lady Sings the Blues

Lady’s Who Sing the Drug Dealers Blues

When it comes to women they will go above and beyond to express their love for a man. Often times they will even play the fool for a man. Over the years some women have been more honest and transparent about their men and their occupations. One occupation in particular is the men who are...